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2020 was a rough year for the group! With the pandemic going on, a lot of our singings were cancelled. We took a break from singing until the first of 2021. We are now getting back on the road but it is still slow. Pray that things will get better and people will get back to worshipping our redeemer as we should.

We hope you will come and join us when you can, and we always desire your prayers. We look forward to meeting new people and reuniting with those we have already come to know.

Singing praises unto the Lord

Southern gospel is our specialty, Serving God is our priority, Winning souls to Christ is our goal.

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Lewis Brooks
Mari Clayton
John Nafrady
Our 12th annual homecoming had to be canceled this year due to covid-19 cases increased, Pray that our group and the rest of the country will survive and come back strong. Be sure to lift up the name of Jesus, He is our only hope. Check our schedule often and come support our ministry.
Kevin Wring